Christian stuff

I have for years taught adult Sunday School at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. For anyone interested in hearing the audio form the classes, they are all posted on our church website at the following address:

My current series is called “Genesis as Gospel.”

Other series I have taught and available online include:

The Sermon on the Mount, The Jesus-Driven Life (using Michael Hardin’s book by the same title), Philosophy and Christian Faith (with notes), The Trinity

2 thoughts on “Christian stuff

  1. Woody, I listened to your Sunday School lesson of Feb 2 while working out this am. Great job! I have always believed that the wood carried by Isaac and the wooden cross carried by Jesus had a tie-in. And regarding God’s name “El” it is interesting that the biblical names of angels (even the word “angel”) end in El…. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael (apocrypha).

    • Billy,
      I am probably on shaky ground here, but I don’t think “Elohim” is a name of Yahweh. Calling God “Elohim” is akin to calling you “person.” For example, Exodus 20:3 says “You shall have no other Elohim before me.” My reading of the testing of Abraham turns on recognizing this difference between Yahweh and the other Elohim. Their characters are as difference as murder and blessing are different. Arbraham is blessed for trusting Yahweh over any rival claim by the Elohim.

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