2 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday, Rene Girard!

  1. Iv watched both of your videos now and read some back ground info. I think Girard has a new fan. Thanks for sharing, this is much to think about and the implications are far and wide of which I’m confident I haven’t even begun to consider. I’m thinking that first by realizing this, seemingly very true, memitics concept is the basis in which one would begin to search for a kind of imitation that dosnt lead to conflict.

    A side note as I often deivate from the point: This makes me think of Thomas Kempis’s The imitation of Christ. As a scholastic he was criticized for not making reference to his philosophy yet was one (many agree) of the most influencial Christian texts. It was certainally one of the most influencial books I ever read.

    iv been rolling this around for a few days now and It concerns me that I don’t have any questions yet. Maybe ill find some later as I read on.

  2. I’m glad that Rene Girard has a new fan! Girard came to me when I was struggling with certain points of Christian theology, particularly the atonement. The thing about grasping some new truth in a fundamental doctrine is that it recolors your whole world, not just your theology. The New Testament opened up for me in exciting ways after reading Girard. Gil Bailie’s book VIOLENCE UNVEILED is a great introduction to the hermeneutic value of Girard’s thought — highly recommended.

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